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Samsung announces their near bezel-less QLED 8K TV at CES 2020

At CES 2020, Samsung has unveiled its latest QLED 8K TVs for 2020.

“8K resolution has the potential to transform our industry. Screens over 75” are the fastest-growing segment in the market, and that segment is where 8K resolution matters the most,” said Joe Stinziano, Head of Consumer Electronics Business at Samsung Electronics America. “Our 2020 8K lineup demonstrates the power of this potential. Its unprecedented immersive capabilities and unparalleled smart features empower consumers to pursue their passions more simply and more comprehensively than ever before.”

The flagship model for 2020 is their Q950, it offers a screen-to-body ratio of almost 99%, meaning it’s almost bezel-less. Samsung calls its innovation, Infinity Screen.

The Q950 TV is just 15mm thin across the entire display with a complete flat black panel for a more flush look.

Samsung’s QLED 8K TV lineup has met the requirements of the 8K Association’s specifications and the CTA 8K Ultra HD Display Definition.

The company says they are working partners such as YouTube to stream native 8K content to consumers’ TVs.

Since there isn’t a whole lot of 8K content out there, Samsung has come up with a new version of their Quantum Processor 8K which uses AI and machine learning to upscale 1080p and 4K content to 8K.

The Q950 TV and QLED 8K TVs have Adaptive Picture that automatically accounts for the amount of light within a scene. So then your TV maintains a clear picture in bright rooms.

The new TVs also include something called AI ScaleNet, which will help ensure a smooth streaming internet connection by optimizing the available network bandwidth.

Samsung says this will “compress content as it leaves the content provider and then restores it after it reaches the TV to effectively cut in half the bandwidth needed for consumers to stream content.”

The company is working with Amazon to help implement AI ScaleNet on Prime Video.

For sound, the Q950 has Object Tracking Sound+ which uses AI-based software to match the movement of audio sound with the movement of objects on the screen. The TV can also deliver a crisp and clear 5.1 channel surround-sound.

The Active Voice Amplifier on the Q950 will automatically adjust the volume of dialogue when it hears common sounds like s blender or vacuum.

Another feature of the TV is Digital Butler, which can help you control more devices in your home using infrared technology. Bixby is featured on the Q950 and there’s support for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Samsung hasn’t announced pricing or details about their new QLED 8K TVs for 2020 but more details will be announced in the coming months.

Source: Samsung


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