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Fossil’s HR hybrid smartwatches have an e-ink display and long battery life

Fossil has announced a new lineup of hybrid smartwatches called Hybrid HR.

The company is no strange to making hybrid smartwatches, they’ve previously released watches under their Skagen and main Fossil brands.

“Fossil Group’s commitment to fostering continuous, cutting-edge innovation has made this enhancement of hybrid technology possible,” said Fossil Group Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer Greg McKelvey. “With each evolution of our products, we aim to integrate the features our customers need with the style they love – and Hybrid HR does exactly that.”

The Hybrid HR watches are a bit different, they still include support for heart rate and activity tracking but they also have an e-ink display. The display can show you things like texts, alerts, incoming calls and more.

The e-ink display on the Hybrid HR smartwatches are Always-on, so there’s no need to miss out on important notifications. All the watches in the new lineup last up to two weeks on a single charge.

The battery has quick charge support and can be fully charged in just an hour.

“With Hybrid HR, we continue to broaden Fossil Group’s diverse portfolio, offering the most – and most innovative – hybrid and touchscreen smartwatch options of any company in the world,” said McKelvey.

It’s worth noting that these watches are not running Wear OS but Fossil’s own software. So that means, these don’t have the $40 million worth of tech that Google bought from Fossil earlier this year.

The Fossil Hybrid HR smartwatches are available now and come in a number of colors and styles.

The watches range anywhere from $245 CAD for leather or silicone band to $265 CAD for a stainless steel band.

The Hybrid HR watches are available from Fossil’s website.

Source: Fossil

By Sachin Bahal

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