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Ford Sync 4 brings wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, bigger screens support and more

Ford has announced the version of their vehicle infotainment platform, called Sync 4.

Improving upon Sync 3, the new update will bring cloud-based connectivity and conversational voice recognition for a better overall experience.

Here’s what the Sync 4 interface looks like in action:

“SYNC has always featured the best of Ford innovation to help our customers stay connected to and manage their busy lives as they move about the world,” said Hau Thai-Tang, Ford chief product development & purchasing officer. “With this new fourth-generation technology, we’ve evolved SYNC into an intelligent, voice-activated, in-vehicle digital assistant.”

Sync 4 works on screens as small as 8-inch to a new 12-inch and now as large as 15.5-inches.

The interface of Sync 4 has been given an overhaul and will adapt to different vehicles, screen sizes and customer needs. For example, Sync 4 on a 12-inch screen will allow for multi-tasking by splitting the screen into larger and smaller windows.

“Nobody wants to feel like they’re missing out on great features right after spending their hard-earned money on a new vehicle – that’s where our over-the-air updates can help,” said Don Butler, executive director, Connected Vehicle and Services, Ford Motor Company. “We can now help improve your vehicle’s capability, quality and overall driving experience while you’re sleeping.”

The company says that since Sync 4 is built on a new platform, it’s not backwards compatible, meaning vehicles with Sync 3 can’t be upgraded to the new system.

On a 15.5-inch screen, Sync 4 features Adaptive Dash Cards, which basically show popular or recently used features listed horizontally underneath the main part of the screen. These new cards are interactive and will display helpful information such as the next step on your route, next song etc.

Ford’s Sync 4 will use machine learning to automatically learn your preferences and make suggestions based on your previous usage.

Sync 4 also brings wirelessly use Android Auto and Apple CarPlay without the use of a cord. This uses a combination of both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to display your phone on the vehicle’s display. Ford will also be offering wireless charging in its 2020 vehicles.

Ford says that Sync 4 will be available on select vehicles starting in 2020 in the US.

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By Sachin Bahal

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