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Sonos’ upcoming Bluetooth speaker leaks out [Update: Official name and more pictures]

Sonos’ collaboration with IKEA aren’t the only Sonos speakers coming this year, the company is said to be launching a portable speaker this fall.

According to images obtained by Zatz Not Funny, the speaker will have Sonos high-quality sound and can easily be added to an existing Sonos system.

It’ll have Wi-Fi, Bluetooth audio streaming and Bluetooth Low Energy which should make it easier to setup.

The design of the portable speaker is similar to the Sonos One with a perforated speaker grill, play/pause, volume up and down touch-sensitive buttons and a mute mic button and a six microphone array (for voice assistant support).

Credit: WinFuture

The portable speaker has a charging base that uses USB-C but it’s not clear if the base is bundled or sold separately.

The Verge notes that upcoming portable Sonos speaker is slightly taller and wider than the Sonos One. The speaker is also said to have Auto Trueplay which will automatically adjust the speaker’s sound using the built-in microphones.

No word if the portable Sonos speaker will be waterproof like the Logitech UE Boom 3 or how much it’ll cost.

We should hear more about the upcoming speaker in the next few weeks.

Update – August 19th, 2019: WinFuture has obtained more images and details about Sonos’ upcoming speaker now known as Sonos Move.

Credit: WinFuture

The back of the speaker will feature a power button, a sync button, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth button, USB-C port and charging contacts for the dock for in-home use.

Source: Zat Not Funny via The Verge

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