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IKEA & Sonos’ SYMFONISK speakers are now available in Canada

IKEA and Sonos first collaboration with their SYMFONISK speakers are now available for purchase in Canada.

The SYMFONISK lineup of speakers is available in a table lamp and a bookshelf.

The SYMFONISK table lamp comes with two class-D digital amplifiers, one tweeter, one mid-woofer in a sealed enclosure. The lamp uses an E12 bulb which is not included.

Meanwhile, the SYMFONISK bookshelf speaker comes with the same internals but in a ported enclosure. It can also be installed vertically or horizontally and supports up to 6.6lbs.

Both speakers come with Sonos’ TruePlay technology which allows the speakers to sound great in any sized room. And you can also add the speakers to your existing Sonos speaker setup or to get stereo sound, you’ll need two of the same speaker.

The SYMFONISK Wi-Fi Bookshelf speaker costs $149 CAD while the SYMFONISK Table Lamp with Wi-Fi speaker will set you back $249 CAD.

Both speakers are available from IKEA’s website and in-stores and come in black and white colour options.

Source: IKEA

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