Back at CES 2019, HTC Vive announced two new VR headsets, one of which was the Vive Cosmos.

While HTC Vive hasn’t announced exact pricing or availability for the headset, the company has released some more details.

The Vive Cosmos has 2 LCD displays with a combined resolution of 2880×1700 which is 88% more than the original Vive.

The displays on the Vive Cosmos uses real RGB panels which provide increased subpixels and 40% improved lens clarity and reduce the screen-door effect.

The headset features a flip-up design similar to some Windows Mixed Reality headset and works at up to 90 FPS and there are 6 cameras to inside-out tracking and robust room-scale experience.

The front of the headset has a new venting system for better airflow, so you can use it for longer.

The face plate on the Vive Cosmos can also be swapped out for different cross reality experiences.

While the Vive Cosmos isn’t PC-free like the Oculus Quest, the headset needs to be wired to a PC and it is compatible with the company’s Wireless Adapter (which is sold separately).

The HTC Vive Cosmos is set to launch later this year.

Source: HTC Vive via Engadget

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