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Frontier Developments announces Planet Zoo [Update: Coming November 5th]

Frontier Developments, the ones behind last year’s Jurassic World Evolution and Planet Coaster, have announced: “the ultimate zoo simulation” called Planet Zoo

As the name implies, Planet Zoo allows you to manage your own zoo in an “expressive world that reacts to every choice you make.” Building upon Planet Coaster, Planet Zoo has tools to craft amazing scenery and habitats, dig lakes and rivers and create mountains.

“This is the zoo management game we’ve wanted to make for many years,’ said Jonny Watts, Chief Creative Officer of Frontier. ‘We’ve challenged ourselves to build on the games we’ve made before and to carry the great legacy of classics like the Zoo Tycoon series forward. We’re taking everything we’ve learned from our past work and focusing on modern values – incredible authenticity, rich management, limitless creativity and community sharing – to make our best-ever simulation game. We hope you’ll join us when Planet Zoo launches later this year.”

Below are some 4K screenshots of Planet Zoo.

Update – June 11th, 2019: Frontier has announced that Planet Zoo will be launching on November 5th for PC. The game is available for pre-order now on Steam and comes in two versions.

The Standard Edition of Planet Zoo will cost $51.49 CAD (£34.99, €44.99, $44.99 USD) while the Deluxe Edition costs $62.99 CAD (£42.99,€54.99, $54.99) and gets your access to the game’s beta, three exclusive animals (Komodo Dragon, Pygmy Hippopotamus, and Thomson’s Gazelle), high-quality wallpapers and the Original Soundtrack by Jim Guthrie and JJ Ipsen.

Source: Frontier Developments, (2)

By Sachin Bahal

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