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Nreal’s mixed reality glasses are set to arrive later this year for $499 USD

Nreal has announced more details about their Light mixed reality glasses.

Since being announced at CES 2019, Nreal has made a few adjustments to their mixed reality glasses with an improved fit, foldable temples and multiple colour options.

The Nreal Light comes with a 1080p display with a 52-degree Field of View (FoV) and weighs just 85 grams.

“We’re excited to finally make nreal light available to consumers, which at just $499 has dramatically lowered the barrier to adoption and introduces a new opportunity for mixed reality devices that are finally within the reach of an average consumer,” said Chi Xu, CEO and Founder of nreal.

The glasses use the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor (via the computing pack). You can also connect the glasses to an Android smartphone with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor.

“nreal light provides a light-weight XR Viewer that allows consumers to take advantage of 5G including high bandwidth and low latency to deliver immersive experiences virtually anywhere,” said Hugo Swart, head of XR, Qualcomm Technologies, “We worked closely with nreal to ensure Snapdragon smartphone compatibility and ecosystem integration to transform the way people connect and consume entertainment, and to further advance XR to make it the next generation of mobile computing.”

Developers interested in making apps and games for the Nreal Light, you can use the company’s newly announced SDK.

The SDK offers developers, spatial computing to offer 6 DoF (Degrees of Freedom) on the Nreal Light, multiple-model interactions, real-time rendering. The Nreal SDK will be available to developers in August.

Nreal will be offering a developer kit of their mixed reality glasses in September for $1,199 USD. The developer kit comes with the glasses, a 3 DoF controller and a computing pack.

The consumer kit version of the Nreal Light will ship in limited quantities later this year and mass availability in 2020 for $499 USD.

Source: Nreal

By Sachin Bahal

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