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Mophie refreshes their Powerstation battery packs with USB-C and multiple colours

Mophie has given their Powerstation lineup a refresh for 2019.

“Mophie is committed to providing consumers with power for all their devices whenever and wherever it’s needed,” said Robert Johnson, general manager for Mophie. “We’ve updated our powerstation line to feature USB-C ports, so consumers can use the same cable to not only charge their device but to recharge their powerstation as well. Available in multiple colours and capacities, the compact powerstation batteries fit easily into any bag, ensuring there’s always an extra charge on hand.”

The 2019 Powerstation lineup features a USB-C input/output port, two USB-A ports and a fabric exterior. The side of each battery has a four-light LED indicator light that shows you the current charge.

The Mophie Powerstation line for 2019 comes in multiple capacities and colours as follows:

  • Powerstation mini – 5,000mAh (up to 18 hours of total device use time), available in Black, Gray, Navy, Hot Pink and Light Blue
  • Powerstation – 10,000mAh (up to 36 hours of total device use time), available in Black, Gray, Navy and Pink
  • Powerstation XL – 15,000mAh (up to 55 hours of total device use time), available in Black and Gray
  • Powerstation XXL – 20,000mAh (up to 73 hours of total device use time), available in Black

The Powerstation Mini costs $39 USD, the Powerstation is $49 USD while the Powerstation XL and Powerstation XXL are priced at $59 and $69 USD respectively.

All the new Powerstation batteries are available now from Mophie’s website.

Source: Mophie

By Sachin Bahal

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