Spansive, the company formerly known as Pi has unveiled their first wireless charger called Source.

The Spansive Source charger can wireless charge up to four Qi-enabled devices, such as the latest Google Pixels, Galaxy Phones and iPhones. And thanks to Spansive’s Drop-N-Charge feature, you don’t need to align your phone exactly to use the Source charger.

It even works with all phone cases and accessories (such as PopSockets and rings).

“We designed the Source as a beautiful and simple way to declutter charging so families can get charged and get on with their busy lives,” said John MacDonald, co-founder and CEO of Spansive, “Charging’ doesn’t mean a tangled mess of cables or finicky alignment on plastic pucks anymore. We’re thrilled to finally deliver the charging experience a beautiful home or office deserves.”

Source is using both software-defined induction to help shape magnetic fields in order to easily charge multiple devices simultaneously. The charger will automatically download software update over Wi-Fi (once you connect it via the Spansive app).

If you don’t have a Qi-enabled phone, don’t fret as the Source charger also has two USB-A ports.

The Spansive Source charger is available now from the company’s website for $189 USD and comes in two colours, Charcoal and White.

As of right now, Spansive is only shipping in the US but international availability is coming soon.

Source: Spansive

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