Waterloo-based North has announced that their Focals smart glasses will be getting price cut.

When the North Focals first launched, they cost around $1,299 CAD ($1,000 USD). Now the company has brought them down to a more reasonable $799 CAD ($599 USD).

Focals are a pair of custom-built smart glasses that have a transparent, holographic display that only you see when wearing them. You can see turn-by-turn directions, phone notifications, weather and even talk to Amazon Alexa.

North also announced they are now offering prescription lens options for an additional $200 CAD ($200 USD) as well as premium lenses and alternative colours such as Tortoise, Grey Fade plus limited edition silhouettes each for $139 CAD ($100 USD).

North says “Customers will have a greater level of customization with a more affordable base price and the flexibility to upgrade their Focals based on their personal preferences.”

If you are interested in buying North Focals, you can do so by visiting one of the company’s showrooms in Toronto and Brooklyn or upcoming pop-up showrooms in Seattle (from February 19th to 22nd) and San Francisco.

And for those of you who have already purchased a pair of North Focals, the company will refund you the price difference.

You can make an appointment here to visit one of the showrooms or walk-in without a reservation.

Source: North

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