One of the most popular names when it comes to electric skateboards is Boosted and earlier this year the company announced their third-generation version of their boards with four new models.

Those being the Boosted Mini S, Mini X, Plus and Stealth. I tested out the Boosted Mini S, which is the cheapest of the new lineup but still offers plenty of fun.

Design & Ride

The Boosted Mini S has more of a traditional style of board design, compared to a longboard style of previous Boosted Boards. The top of the board is covered in grip material to help you stay on the board. The Boosted Mini S is 29.5-inches in length and a Deep Disk Deck.

The bottom of the board is where you’ll find the electric motor and battery. The wheels are Boosted’s iconic orange wheels.

The board is made to last, thanks to the Triaxial Fiberglass body, Wood Core and reinforced hardware mounts.

The Boosted Mini S has a top speed of about 28 KM/H along with three ride modes and can last about 12 KM on a single charge. The board is fairly heavy, so when you pick it up to carry it, expect some heft to it.

Testing out the Boosted Mini S was my first time ever riding an electric skateboard and the board was a lot of fun to ride. Just be sure to wear a helmet and to go slow at first and don’t rush into it, you may fall off the board on your first ride.

The remote for the Boosted Mini S is fairly easy to use, basically, there’s a scroll wheel that you push which direction you want to go. You can either go forward or backwards using the scroll wheel and then you hold down the accelerator button to actually start going.

The board also has regenerative braking, which will help you come to a complete stop from any speed.

The Boosted Mini S is available now for $749 USD (around $982 CAD) from Boosted’s website. The Boosted Mini X is similar to the Mini S but it has an extended range of 20 KM and 32 KM/H top speed and costs $999 USD (around $1,310 CAD).

Boosted Mini X


The Boosted app is where you can change things like different modes or even check the battery status of your board. The three modes you can choose from are Beginner which limits you to 22 KM/H top speed and 14 KM range. The Eco mode gives you a top speed of 26 KM/H and 12 KM range. The Expert mode gives you a top speed of 32 KM/H and 10 KM range.

To connect to your Boosted Board, just download the app on your Android or iOS and connect to it via Bluetooth.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Boosted Mini S is a fun and expensive toy that takes some getting used to, even if you’re new to skateboard and electric skateboards.


  • Good range
  • Great build
  • Smaller than Boosted Plus & Boosted Stealth
  • Easy to use remote
  • Responsive


  • Really expensive
  • Steep learning curve
  • Heavy to carry (around 15 lbs)

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