Amazon has introduced a number of new Echo devices including the all-new Echo Dot, Echo Plus, Echo Show, Echo Sub and more.

Echo Dot (3rd Gen)

The 3rd Gen version of Amazon’s Echo Dot new fabric design, similar to the 2nd-Gen Echo. The sound on the new Echo Dot has also been improved to sound even better and louder.

The device still retains the volume buttons, mic mute and action button like other Echo devices. The new Echo Dot comes in three fabric finishes, Charcoal, Heather Gray and Sandstone. Just like the previous Echo Dot, the new one has a 3.5mm audio jack to connect to external speakers.

The new Echo Dot will be released on October 11th and costs $69.99 CAD ($49.99 USD) and is available for pre-order now.

Echo Plus (2nd Gen)

The 2nd Gen Echo Plus has a more compact design will a fabric exterior but still retains the smarts of the original Echo Plus like having a built-in Zigbee smart home hub. The new Echo Plus also adds an embedded temperature sensor, which can be used to create temperature-based routines.

The sound on the new Echo Plus has also been upgraded for better quality and richer sound, thanks to the 3-inch neodymium woofer.

The 2nd Gen Echo Plus comes in Charcoal, Heather Gray and Sandstone and is available for pre-order now for $199 CAD ($149 USD) and releases on October 11th.

Echo Show (2nd Gen)

Even though the original Echo Show never made it’s way to Canada, the 2nd Gen version will be. The new Echo Show has a 10-inch HD display and a 5-megapixel camera.

With the bigger screen on the new Echo Show, you can watch videos and even view your smart home security camera feeds. The new Echo Show also comes with a built-in Zigbee smart home hub.


There are 2-inch Neodymium drivers, a passive bass radiator and Dolby audio processing. The new Echo Show comes in two colours, Charcoal and Sandstone. There are also eight microphones with far-field technology.

In the coming weeks, you’ll be able to make Skype video calls using the new Echo Show.

The 2nd Gen Echo Show will be available on October 11th for $299 CAD ($229 USD).

Echo Sub

Amazon also announced the Echo Sub, which is a wireless subwoofer for your Echo device. When you connect the Echo Sub to a compatible Echo device, you can create a 1.1 or 2.1 audio pairing for stereo sound. The Echo Sub has a 6-inch woofer and 100W deep bass.

The Echo Sub comes in one colour, Charcoal but you can also purchase it in a bundle with an Echo. The Echo Sub will cost $169 CAD ($129 USD) and release on October 11th.

Amazon Smart Plug

The company also announced the Amazon Smart Plug which is a Wi-Fi smart plug that allows you to power on/off your other device using your Echo.

The Amazon Smart Plug will be available on October 11th for $34.99 CAD ($24.99 USD).

Other Echo devices

Amazon also announced a few other Echo devices but no Canadian availability has announced. This includes the Echo Input, which allows you to add Alexa to an existing speaker for just $34.99 USD.

The Echo Link and Echo Link Amp allow you to connect your stereo system to be able to stream high-fidelity music. The Echo Link costs $199 USD and the Echo Link Amp costs $299 USD.

The Echo Wall Clock is a wall clock that connects to your Echo device to visually enhance timer, alarms and reminders. The Echo Wall Clock costs $29.99 USD.

Amazon also announced Echo Auto which allows you to add Alexa into your car, that’s only available via invitation and cost $24.99 USD.

The company also revealed the AmazonBasics Microwave which is a countertop microwave that can connect to your Echo device to make cooking easier. The microwave will cost $59.99 USD.

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