Yunteec has launched pre-orders for their upcoming drone, the Mantis Q.

The Mantis Q can be controlled via your smartphone or remote control and has foldable arms for better portability.

You can expect up to 33 mins of battery life and the drone can go up to 44 mph in certain modes.

Mantis Q boasts category leading 33-Minute flight time, easy-to-use flight controls and advanced flight modes (PRNewsfoto/Yuneec International)

The Mantis Q also comes with voice control, to allow users to take a photo or start recording without having to take their hands off the controls. Some commands include “Wake up” for powering on, “Take a picture”, “Record a video”, “Take off”, “Return home” and “Take a selfie.”

The drone comes with facial detection and gesture controls, so if you were to smile at the drone and the Mantis Q sees your face, it can take a photo up to 13 ft away.

The Mantis Q can take photos at a resolution of 4800×2700 (16:9) or 416×3120 (4:3) in JPEG or DNG on the microSD card. The drone can also take videos up to 4K resolution as well as Full HD video (1920×1080) with electronic image stabilization.

Yuneec introduces all-new portable folding drone with voice control and facial detection to award winning consumer lineup (PRNewsfoto/Yuneec International)

The drone’s camera can also be tilted upwards by 20 degrees or downwards 90 degrees, it also comes with three automatic flight modes called, Journey, Points of Interest and Orbit Me.

The Mantis Q is available now for pre-order for $499 USD and that gets you the drone, a controller, battery, spare propellers, charger and USB cable. The drone will start shipping in September.

Yuneec will also be launching a Mantis Q X-Pack later this year for $649 USD and that comes with the drone, 3 batteries, travel bag, spare propeller, charger and USB cable.

You can pre-order the Mantis Q on Yuneec’s website.

Source: Yuneec


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