Microsoft is teasing the announcement for a new Surface device which is set to be announced tomorrow (July 10th).

The official Microsoft Surface Twitter account posted this:

If you look closely, each of the Surface devices has July 10th and 6AM on them and on the far right, there’s a shadow for the Surface device that is rumoured to be the lower-cost Surface that Microsoft has supposedly been working on.

The new Surface device is said to be Microsoft’s way of competing with the Apple iPad and Google’s Chromebooks. It’s said to have a 10-inch display, USB-C, LTE option and cost around $400 USD (around $529 CAD). The device is also rumoured to be powered by Intel’s Pentium processors.

We’ll just have to wait until tomorrow (or later this week) of what Microsoft actually announces.

Update – July 9th, 2018: Microsoft has officially announced their latest Surface device, the Surface Go. Pre-orders being on July 10th.

Source: Microsoft via The Verge

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