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TCL’s Roku TV are coming to Canada later this year

TCL has announced that they’ll be bringing their award-winning and best selling Roku TVs to Canada.

“We are thrilled about the Canadian market opportunity and look forward to bringing our successful TCL Roku TV™ models to Canada in Q3. In the first quarter of 2018, TCL held the #2 position by units sold in the U.S. and we look forward to replicating our successes in Canada,” said Chris Larson, Senior Vice President, TCL North America. “TCL is fortunate to have such a talented, well-seasoned leader like Steven join the team. His vast experience and knowledge, both in the Canadian market and consumer electronics space, will help us maintain our rapid growth while launching the brand into new territory and mirror our booming television business in North America for a stronger worldwide presence.”

Previously, TCL’s Roku TVs were only available in the US. TCL’s Roku TVs have features such as 4K, Dolby Vision HDR for a fraction of the cost of higher-end TVs from Samsung, Sony and LG.

“As a global leader in technology, TCL has successfully positioned itself as a major contender within North America in just a few short years due to its integrated supply chain and massive worldwide scale for incredible value without compromise. My goal is to further solidify TCL’s spot as one of the top three TV brands in the world,” said Abrams. “I’m excited to come on board and continue the company’s phenomenal achievements by helping to make the TCL name a trusted one here in Canada. Hopefully soon, the fastest-growing TV brand in the U.S. will be the fastest-growing television brand in North America!” said Steven Abrams, Director of Business Development for TCL in Canada.

TCL hasn’t announced which models will be coming to Canada but they’ll start to be available in Q3 2018.

Source: TCL

By Sachin Bahal

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