As the smartphone industry starts to move away from the headphone jack and more towards having only USB-C ports on their devices, you’ll be needing some way to listen to music on the go.

Thankfully, there are solutions out there, such as the Essential Earphones HD. These connect to your device’s USB-C port and offer hi-res audio. I’ve been using them for the past few weeks, and even though they’re a bit pricey, they also a good option for those wanting a pair of USB-C earbuds.

Just like the Essential Phone, the earbuds have a premium design with metal accents and a tangle-free cord. The earbuds also have a multi-function button and microphone that can be used to control music playback and talk to the Google Assistant (so long as your phone has Android Oreo or later).

The Essential Earphones HD not only work with the Essential Phone but also with Pixel 2 XL. The earbuds support USB Audio Class 2 and have a 9.2mm High-Resolution driver.

In the box, you get the earbuds themselves, earbud tips (small, medium and large) and a carrying case. For the most part, the earbuds fit comfortably in my ears and I didn’t feel like they were going to fall out. My only gripe is that the earbuds don’t really fit inside the including carrying case all that well. They can fit, but they’re still kind of loose inside.

The Essential Earphones HD sound pretty good, they have a good amount of bass but nothing too overpowering. You’re probably not going to be blown away by the earbuds, but they’re a great solid pair of USB-C earbuds.

The Essential Earphones HD cost $99 USD from Essential’s website or from and while that may seem expensive, the USB-C earbud market is still very limited but is slowly increasing.

Overall, I really liked the Essential Earphones HD, they have a great design and are a good option to consider when looking at USB-C earbuds.


  • Great design
  • Works with a number of devices
  • Sound good
  • Carrying case is nice to have


  • Slightly expensive


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