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Intel celebrates 50 years of innovation

This July will mark the 50th anniversary of Intel, which was founded by Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore.

Gordon Moore (with the shovel), Robert Noyce (right) and two unidentified people help with the groundbreaking ceremony in April 1970 for Intel’s SC1 building in Santa Clara, California. On April 21, 1970, Intel began construction on the company’s new Santa Clara headquarters. (Credit: Intel Corporation)

When Noyce and Moore founded Intel, they had one thing in mind: To ponder what might be possible. To imagine, to question and to do wonderful in pursuit of a better future.

Intel’s SC1 headquarters building in Santa Clara, California, in a photo from the early 1970s. It was the first site the company owned rather than rented (previously Intel had operated out of a leased building in Mountain View). The property was originally a pear orchard; after construction was completed, employees could pick pears on the undeveloped land until SC2 was built. (Credit: Intel Corporation)

And to celebrate the 50th anniversary, Intel is embracing Noyce’s inspiring challenge, “Don’t be encumbered by history, go off and do something wonderful.”

An Intel archive photo shows Intel’s first 106 employees, including co-founders Robert Noyce (front left) and Gordon Moore (front right), and their first hire, Andy Grove (second row, far right). In 1969, with 106 employees, Intel began its operations at 365 E. Middlefield Road in Mountain View, Calif. The space is “larger than we need,” Gordon Moore told a local newspaper. Intel would start plans for expansion less than two years later. (Credit: Intel Corporation)

The company also released this video to celebrate:

As well as this video that talks to co-founder Gordon Moore about “Moore’s Law” over 50 years later.

Intel’s first product was the 64-bit 3101 static random access memory (more commonly known as RAM), which was released in April 1969.

The Intel 3101 static random-access memory, Intel’s first product. (Credit: Intel Corporation)

The company had been working on their first product just a month after Intel was founded. You can read more about the Intel 3101 on the company’s website.

The official 50th anniversary of Intel is on July 18th, 2018 but they’ll be celebrating all year long.

Source: Intel

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