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Microsoft Build 2018 Day One Keynote: Everything you need to know

Microsoft made a few announcements at their annual Build developer conference.

Improvements to Mixed Reality

Microsoft announced two new apps for Mixed Reality, the first is called Microsoft Remote Assist. This allows workers to remotely talk with experts on their Microsoft Teams contact list.

Remote Assist has hands-free calling, image sharing and mixed reality annotations, which allows the expert to guide the worker through there task. Remote Assist is mainly for Microsoft HoloLens.

The other app is Microsoft Layout which allows users to design and show 3D models what they’ll look like in an actual room.

Microsoft says that the Remote Assist feature will launch as a limited time free preview for existing HoloLens customers on May 22nd.

Azure AI

Microsoft has announced Azure AI, which is a set of tools for developers. The company is also open sourcing their Azure IoT Edge Runtime which will allow developers to build and customize apps for edge computing devices.

Microsoft has also added a unified Speech cognitive service which will allow developers to add speech recognition, text-to-speech, translation to their apps. There will also be a Speech Devices SDK that allows developers to audio processing, speech recognition, far-field voice and noise cancellation. Microsoft says the SDK can be used to create apps for smart speakers and drive-thru ordering systems.

Project Brainwave is a deep learning acceleration platform which allows for real-time AI processing.

In addition, Custom Vision cognitive service that can allow drones to analyze and act on visual info without being connected to the cloud.

DJI SDK for Windows 10

Speaking of drones, Microsoft has announced a partnership with DJI to make an SDK for Windows 10 that will allow full-flight control and real-time data transfer.

DJI will be using Microsoft’s Azure cloud services for their commercial drones and software services.

DJI and Microsoft will be working together to use Azure IoT Edge for commercial drone applications. Microsoft wants to offer developers tools to be more productive in agriculture, construction and public safety.

DJI’s SDK for Windows 10 will be available later this year but is available as a beta preview for Build attendees.

Project Kinect for Azure

Even though Kinect may be dead for Xbox, Microsoft is retooling as a product for developers. With Project Kinect for Azure, it allows developers to create new ambient computing applications.

Project Kinect uses Azure AI services and Microsoft’s Time of Flight sensor. The project can track hands, spatial mapping and more.

Qualcomm vision AI

Qualcomm and Microsoft are partnering once again to create the vision AI developer kit. It has Azure IoT Edge and all the hardware and software that developers made need to make camera-based IoT products and solutions.

“This partnership allows developers to start building AI offerings with prebuilt solutions — including customizable models — or create new AI models and deploy directly to the cloud or to the new hardware accelerated devices,” Microsoft said in a blog post. “They can do so using the same powerful IoT Edge platform they have been using to manage other IoT devices and edge deployments — use a single pane of glass to manage all their AI assets across the cloud and the edge.”

Your Phone feature in Windows 10

Microsoft also announced a new feature for Windows 10, called Your Phone. The feature allows you to connect and integrate your Android or iOS device to your PC.

Your Phone is essentially a window into your phone, you’ll be able to access your texts, photos and notifications from your smartphone right on your PC.

The Your Phone feature will soon be available for Windows Insiders. Microsoft hasn’t announced when the Your Phone feature will officially release.

Timeline for Android and iOS

Timeline in Window 10 Fall Creators Update.

In addition, Windows 10’s Timeline feature is coming to Android and iOS.

On iOS, Timeline integration will be built into the Edge app for the platform. On Android, Timeline will be integrated into the Microsoft Launcher.

Microsoft says, “The updated Microsoft Launcher application on Android will support Enterprise customers with easy access to a line of business applications via Microsoft Intune. Microsoft Launcher on Android will also support Timeline for cross-device application launching. Today, your Microsoft Edge browsing sessions on your iPhone or iPad are included in the Timeline experience on your Windows 10 PC. Tomorrow, we’ll show how later this year you’ll be able to access that same Timeline on your iPhone with Microsoft Edge.”

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