Essential has announced that their Essential Phone (also known as the Essential PH-1) is now available for purchase from their website for customers in Canada, France, Japan and the UK.

Previously, the Essential Phone was only available in the US directly from Essential and via Telus in Canada.

You can buy both the Essential Phone and the 360 Camera attachment for $499 USD and $199 USD respectively from Essential’s website.

If you buy the 360 Camera in the same purchase your Essential Phone, you can get the 360 Camera for $179 USD. The Essential Phone comes in four colours, Black Moon, Pure White, Stellar Gray and Copper Black.

Essential Phone colours

The Stellar Gray and Copper Black (of which is currently sold out) colour options will cost $599 USD while the Black Moon and Pure White cost $499 USD.

The Essential Phone is also available for purchase from in Canad.

If you’re interested in reading more about the Essential Phone, then check out my review.

Source: Essential


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