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Apple reportedly plans to use their own chips in Macs as early as 2020

According to Bloomberg, Apple is planning to make their own chips to be used in their Macs.

Up in until this point, Apple has used Intel as their main supplier for processors in their Macs. Right now, Apple is in the early developmental stages, of which the project is codenamed Kalamata.

This move would ultimately benefit Apple to help make their devices work similarly and seamlessly together, said people familiar with the project when speaking to Bloomberg. It would also help Apple release new Mac models based on their own timelines instead of Intel’s roadmap for their processors.

If Apple was to go ahead with this, it would likely be a multi-step transition to phase out Intel-powered Macs. It would be a big blow to Intel as they’ve been working with Apple since 2005, and the partnership between the new companies helped revive the Mac.

“We think that Apple is looking at ways to further integrate their hardware and software platforms, and they’ve clearly made some moves in this space, trying to integrate iOS and macOS,” said Shannon Cross, an analyst at Cross Research, when speaking to Bloomberg. “It makes sense that they’re going in this direction. If you look at incremental R&D spend, it’s gone into ways to try to vertically integrate their components so they can add more functionality for competitive differentiation.”

Apple currently makes chips for their iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV devices, which are all ARM-based processors.

Bloomberg says Apple’s transition from Intel to their own chips could start as early as 2020 but they could also delay the switch.

Both Apple declined to comment and Intel said, “We don’t comment on speculation about our customers,” to Bloomberg.

Source: Bloomberg

By Sachin Bahal

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