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ecobee’s Alexa-enabled Switch+ is now available for pre-order in Canada [Update: Now available]

Last year, ecobee announced a smart light switch called the Switch+, it has Alexa built-in and would allow users to control their smart home including their ecobee thermostat via their voice.

Now their Switch+ is available for pre-order in Canada and the US.

The ecobee Switch+ has built-in far-field voice technology paired with Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service. You can ask Alexa things about the weather, facts and news and more, just like you can with the Echo devices.

“Voice is something that comes naturally to people, so it creates these really incredible, personal experiences that help make life a little easier. Our research finds voice-based services are actually outpacing all other ecosystems at a rate of three to one,” said ecobee President and CEO Stuart Lombard. “With ecobee4 and now ecobee Switch+, voice literally weaves into the very fabric of your home, taking us one step closer to a whole home voice reality, which is proving to be the future of the smart home.”

The device is the first light switch that has Alexa built-in and can be used to control your smart home devices such as Philips Hue, LIFX as well as support for platforms such as Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, SmartThings, and IFTTT.

The Switch+ has motion and daylight sensors that allows the device to automatically turn on your lights when motion is detected. Later this year in a software update, ecobee will enable the Switch+ to be used as a room sensor to be paired with an ecobee thermostat.

Pre-orders for the Switch+ are available now in Canada and the US for $119 CAD ($99 USD) from, Amazon, The Home Depot, Best Buy. The Switch+ will ship on March 26th and will work with any light controlled by one switch that has a neutral wire and supports energy-efficient light bulbs.

Update – March 26th, 2018: The ecobee Switch+ is now available for $119 CAD ($99 USD) from, Amazon, The Home Depot, Best Buy.

Source: ecobee

By Sachin Bahal

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