At GDC 2018, Epic Games showed off some of the advancements that they’ve made to their Unreal Engine.

Some of the new features and content coming to Unreal Engine 4 includes Live Record & Replay in the engine, this will allow content creators to show off recorded gameplay and make replay videos that can be shared with friends. This feature will be coming to Unreal 4.2 this summer.

Improved Mobile Support will also be coming. This will allow developers to bring their PC games to mobile devices, just like Epic has done with Fornite Battle Royale.

Epic Games has also just released $12 million worth of characters and environments from their Paragon VR game to be used for free. They’re available now on the Unreal Engine Marketplace with more to be released later this spring and summer.

Unreal Engine developers will also be able to create experiences for Magic Leap One: Creator Edition. A custom Unreal Editor, documentation and a sample project are available now to be used with the Magic Leap SDK.

In addition, Epic also showed off the future of real-time graphics with a live demo of real-time ray tracing in Unreal Engine 4, which uses Microsoft’s DXR framework and Nvidia’s RTX technology. Epic’s ray tracing experts teamed up with Nvidia’s GPU engineers and ILMxLAB to create the demo.

Epic also teamed up with 3Lateral, Cubic Motion, Tencent and Vicon to take live-captured digital humans to the next level. Siren is a high-fidelity, real-time digital character that is based on the likeness of Chinese actress, Bingjie Jiang.

Epic and 3Lateral also showed off real-time human digital characters to bring actor Andy Serkis to life digitally. This is done through 3Lateral’s Meta Human Framework volumetric capture, reconstruction and compression technology.

Serkis’ capture performance was also used to bring 3Lateral’s Osiris Black character to life.

Source: Epic Games

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