IBM has announced their AI voice assistant with Watson Assistant.

IBM is aiming to help businesses and brands to create a more personalized and connected experience for their consumers.

Here’s an example of what IBM is aiming to do with the Watson Assistant:

A traveler’s flight is delayed but she doesn’t need to alert her hotel or the car rental company, the reservations are updated automatically.

When she finally lands, she’s automatically checked into her hotel and her preferred rental car is not only ready, it has her destination preprogrammed along with suggestions on where she can stop at her favorite barista for a latte while en-route.

Nearing the hotel, the car signals her arrival to the hotel. Her room updates with her preferences for music, temperature and lighting and her smartphone, calendar and email synch with the in-room wall dashboard for alerts and updates as requested.

She walks past the front desk up to her room, uses an electronic key on her phone to enter, and within minutes, is ready to begin her afternoon meetings.

Her experience was automatic, seamless and above all, personalized to her preferences.

IBM says that AI (artificial intelligence) will help consumers connect to their favourite brands and products with the help of their technology.

IBM is partnering with Harman to help integrate the Watson Assistant into Harman’s virtual cockpit such as the one they installed into a Maserati concept vehicle. AI will help personalize a vehicle’s dashboard to the driver’s liking, says IBM.

In addition to Harman, IBM is also partnering with Munich Airport, Motel One, Chameleon Technology, Kaon, AirWire, Royal Bank of Scotland and Autodesk to create enterprise AI assistant solutions using Watson Assistant.

In terms of data, IBM says, Data, on their specific daily preferences, can be securely shared between their vehicle, their favorite hotel, their local coffee shop and more, giving consumers control of their data – and how and where it’s shared. Data ownership, a critical factor in the future of AI, and with Watson Assistant, IBM does not and will not own the consumer data via Watson Assistant. Any data captured through conversations, texts, videos is contained within the brand to better serve its customers. 

You can find out more at the source link below.

Source: IBM

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