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Nest’s Hello video doorbell and Nest x Yale Lock are now available

Back in September, Nest has announced their Hello video doorbell with an “early 2018” release date. Now the Nest Hello and the Nest x Yale Lock are now available for purchase.

Nest Hello

The Nest Hello is the company’s first foray into connected video doorbells. The device has the same intelligence and security as their Nest Cam plus the convenience of a doorbell.

The doorbell can sense when a someone is approaching your door and the light ring around the bell will light up and the device will then send you an alert of when someone’s at your door, even if they don’t press the doorbell. If you can’t answer the door, you can send a quick pre-recorded response like “Just a moment, we’ll be right there.”

The Nest Hello is also compatible with the Google Assistant, so then your Google Home can say “Someone’s at your door” when your Nest Hello rings. If you have a Nest Aware subscription, you can have familiar face alerts to have the Google Assistant tell you who’s at the door.

The Nest Hello is available from Best Buy, Home Depot and Lowe’s and for $299 CAD ($229 USD) and is shipping now. The doorbell does require a subscription to the company’s Nest Aware service which starts at $5 CAD a month (or $50 CAD per year) to get you 5-day video history, $10 CAD a month (or $100 CAD per year) to get you 10-day video history and $30 CAD a month (or $300 CAD per year) for 30-day video history.

If you already have a Nest Cam and a Nest Aware subscription, you can add the Nest Hello to your subscription for an additional discounted cost.

Nest x Yale Lock

Nest has been working with Yale on a smart lock and now officially available. The Nest x Yale Lock has a keypad, making it key-free and is tamper-proof.

The lock can connect to Nest’s Secure system and their Hello video doorbell. So when you unlock your door with the Nest x Yale Lock, your Nest Secure system will disarm, your indoor Nest cameras will turn off and your Nest Thermostat can adjust the temperature to your liking.

The Nest x Yale Lock can send you alerts when someone tries to unlock and lock your door. The Nest x Yale Lock can automatically lock itself when you’re away using Home/Away Assist.

The Nest x Yale Lock is available now for $319 CAD ($279 USD) from Nest’s website, Best Buy and comes in three colours, Satin Nickel, Oil Rubbed Bronze and Polished Brass.

Nest Temperature Sensor

Following in the footsteps of ecobee, Nest has announced the Nest Temperature Sensor. Place one in a room of your choice and tell your thermostat your ideal temperature and your thermostat will take care of the rest. One thing to note is that the Nest Temperature Sensor can’t detect room occupancy like ecobee’s sensors can.

The Nest Temperature Sensor only works with the 3rd-Gen Nest Thermostat or Thermostat E. Up to six sensors can be connected per thermostat. The Nest Temperature Sensor will be available individually for $49 CAD ($39 USD) or in a 3-pack for $129 CAD ($99 USD).

The Nest Temperature Sensor is available for pre-order now from Nest’s website, with it to ship in April.

Source: Nest

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