2018 Samsung Televisions

Samsung’s 2018 TV lineup comes with Bixby, HDR10+ and more

Samsung has just announced details about their 2018 television lineup, some of which include Bixby, better picture quality, and new smart functionality.

Samsung 2018 Q9F and Q8F QLED TVs will come with Direct Full Array (DFA) contrast technology, which should help deliver pristine contrast for all images displayed on the screen.

Samsung is also adding a feature called Ambient Mode which can show people “a multitude of information” on the screen including things such as traffic, weather and new. You’ll also be able to use your own picture as wallpaper for your TV’s Ambient Mode.

When Samsung introduced the QLED TV last year, they introduced something called One Connection. This essentially has one cable going from the back of your TV to an external box that has your connections such as HDMI, USB, Ethernet and more.

Now with the 2018 QLED, Samsung is introducing the One Invisible Connection, which works in a similar way to the One Connection but has a singular cord that transmits both data and power with a “seamless look.” The cable was designed using Teflon which is resistant to heat and is durable.

Samsung’s 2018 lineup of Smart TV now comes with Bixby. So then you’re TV will be able to understand spoken natural language and quickly search for content using your voice. If you have a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, you can sync your phone to your TV for easier setup and access to your TV’s functions including remote control and video sharing between screens.

Samsung is introducing more than 11 models across their QLED TV, Premium UHD, UHD and Ultra-Large Screen display range in a variety of size. All 2018 models are available in curved and flat display options.

The models are as follows:

  • QLED TV: Models in the 2018 QLED TV lineup include – Q9F (65″, 75″, 88″), Q8F (55″, 65″, 75″, 82″), Q7C (55″, 65″), Q7F (55″, 65″, 75″) and Q6F (49″, 55″, 65″, 75″, 82″). The QLED TVs feature enhanced color and contrast, HDR10+ compatibility, Ambient Mode, Smart TV enhancements with Bixby Voice, One Remote Control, and the One Invisible Connection. One Invisible Connection only can be used with Q7 and Q9 series
  • Premium UHD: Models in the 2018 Premium UHD TV lineup include NU8500 and NU8000. The Premium UHD TVs include features such as dynamic crystal color, HDR10+ compatibility, clean cable solutions, and Smart TV enhancements with Bixby Voice and One Remote Control.
  • UHD: Models in the 2018 UHD TV lineup include NU7100 (75/65/58/55/50/43/40″) and NU7300(65/55″). These UHD TVs include features such as 4K UHD and HDR picture capabilities, clean cable solutions, slim design and Smart TV capabilities.
  • Ultra-Large Screen TVs: Models including the Q6FN, NU8000, Q7F and Q9F are included in the ultra-large screen TV lineup, offering screen sizes that are 75-inch or larger. These models reflect consumer demand for larger screen televisions for a more impactful, immersive home viewing experience.

Samsung’s 2018 lineup of TV will be able starting April 20th but no Canadian pricing was announced.

Samsung also announced that their 146-inch MicroLED TV called The Wall, that they showed off at CES 2018, will be available this August. No pricing was announced for The Wall.

Samsung CES 2018, First Look Event at Enclave on Sunday, Jan. 7, 2018 in Las Vegas. (Photo by Danny Moloshok/Invision for Samsung/AP Images)

Source: Samsung

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