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Volvo debuts the 2019 XC40 R-Design at CIAS 2018

At the 2018 Canadian International Auto Show (CIAS), Volvo has officially debuted their latest compact SUV, the 2019 XC40 R-Design.

The XC40 comes with the usual Volvo safety, design and connectivity that you’d expect along with being versatile, functional and tons of storage space.

The XC40 is Volvo’s third SUV and it’s also their smallest one yet, it’s smaller than both the flagship XC90 and mid-size XC60.

The XC40 has Volvo’s T5 Drive-E powertrain and all-wheel-drive which should be great for Canadian winters. The vehicle will go on sale in the spring and start at $39,500 CAD while the R-Design trimline will start at $43,700 CAD.

Volvo also announced that their Care by Volvo subscription service would be coming to Canada as well.

Essentially the Care by Volvo service allows you to own a Volvo vehicle for 24 months and you’ll just be paying a monthly fee and that will include things like insurance and maintenance. The service even includes the ability to have valets take care of refueling your vehicle, cleaning it, bringing it in for service for having purchases be brought to it.

The Care by Volvo service will be available with the 2019 XC40.

Volvo XC40

You can pre-order the Volvo XC40 at Volvo’s website and at Volvo retailers.

Source: Volvo Canada

By Sachin Bahal

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