Plex has announced a new way to experience their platform, with Plex VR.

Now you can watch all the can watch all the content on your Plex server using your Daydream VR headset.

You’ll also be able to play local 3D and 360/180 videos on your device using Plex VR. There will also be a selection of scenes, such as a drive-in movie theatre (which is only available for Plex Pass users) or space, to add some ambiance.

Plex VR is free for all Plex users but if you’re a Plex Pass user, then you can take advantage of the co-watching feature. The co-watch feature allows users to watch with up to 3 of your friends along with your avatars.

Users’ head positions are tracked in real-time and if you want to talk to your friends, just click a button on your headset’s controller. But Plex is allowing users to test out their co-watching feature for one week free.

You can download Plex VR from the Google Play Store.

Source: Plex

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