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The Google Assistant is coming to smart displays, Android Auto & more

Google has announced what’s to come this year from the Google Assistant, the biggest being that it’ll be coming to smart displays (a la Echo Show) and more.

Smart Displays

There has been multiple rumors swirling that Google was working on a Echo Show-like Google Home device but it turns out that they’re working with companies such as JBL, Lenovo, LG and Sony to create smart displays with the Google Assistant.

You’ll be able to watch YouTube videos, video call with Google Duo, look at pictures from Google Photos and much more. Google also announced that they’ll be more third-party smart speakers with the Google Assistant from Bang & Olufsen, Braven, JBL, LG, Knit Audio coming later this year.

The Verge has some video of some of the upcoming smart displays coming later this year, you can check that out below.

Google Assistant coming to more TVs

Google also said that they’ll be bringing the Google Assistant to Android TV devices from TLC, Skyworth, Xiaomi, Changhong, Funai and Haier. They’ll also be working closely with LG to help integrate the Google Assistant on LG’s 2018 TVs.


JBL, LG and Sony will be making headphones with the Google Assistant built-in, similarly to what Bose did last year. You’ll be able to talk directly to the Google Assistant and hear and respond to messages or just to skip to the next song.

Google Assistant coming to Android Auto

The Google Assistant will also be making it’s way to Android Auto (at least in the US at launch). There are over 400 models from more than 40 brands that Android Auto is available on.

You’ll be able to ask for directions from Google Maps, send and receive messages and choose your favourite playlist on Spotify. Google is also working with car manufacturers to integrate the Assistant directly into their cars, with no phone needed.

Google says that you can use the Google Assistant to check you car’s fuel level, lock doors and more using the Assistant on your phone, speaker or TV. These features are available on cars from Mercedes-Benz and Hyundai and soon from Kia and Fiat-Chrysler.

Google Assistant Actions

Google has slowly been rolling out Actions for the Google Assistant to more countries (it just came to Canada a couple of weeks ago) but they’ll be continually adding more Actions.

Actions allow you to use the Google Assistant to talk to apps and services from developers, publishers and other third-parties.

Source: Google

By Sachin Bahal

Sachin is a talented and versatile writer with a passion for technology and loves to write about gaming, entertainment, tech and more. He started TheCanadianTechie back in 2012 to become the ultimate, independent source for tech enthusiasts or “techies”.

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