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Nvidia CES 2018 Announcements: Everything you need to know

Nvidia was the first to kick off the press conferences at CES 2018, and they had a couple of announcements including ones about AI, self-driving cars and gaming.

Nvidia BFGDs


We all know Nvidia is known for gaming, especially when it comes to PC gaming. They announced something their calling, Big Format Gaming Displays or BFGDs for short.


These are high-end displays that are around 65-inches, has 4K at 120Hz and HDR along with Nvidia’s G-Sync technology and has Nvidia Shield built-in, meaning it runs Android TV.


The displays are capable of full-array direct backlight, 1000-nit peak luminance and DCI-P3 colour gamut.Since it has Nvidia’s G-Sync, you should expect ultra-low latency when gaming.

These BFGDs will be coming from hardware partners such as Acer, Asus and HP. No pricing was announced but expect them to be pretty pricey.

Nvidia Self-Driving Car Technology

Uber Self-Driving vehicles

Nvidia is another company that’s working on self-driving technology but they just announced that Uber will be using Nvidia’s technology for their self-driving vehicles.

Uber will be using’s Nvidia’s self-driving technology in their cars and in freight trucks. Nvidia’s technology uses AI algorithms that can allow vehicles to perceive the world and predict what will happen next.

So far, Uber has been working on self-driving cars since early 2015, with a pilot project in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania started in fall 2016 then in early 2017 in Phoenix, Arizona.

In addition to Uber, Nvidia announced that they would be partnering with Volkswagen to put their Drive IX technology in their VW MicroBus.

The VW MicroBus will be an electric vehicle but now have AI technology for the cockpit and self-driving.

VW MicroBus

Nvidia’s Drive IX platform is a software development kit that can be used to create AI-enabled applications such as facial recognition for automatically unlocked and opening vehicles, surround perception, so the vehicle can alert the drive of hazards as well as gesture controls and natural language understanding.

VW MicroBus – interior

Volkswagen plans to have self-driving cars starting in 2020 and more than 20 fully electric vehicles by 2025.

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By Sachin Bahal

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