Lenovo has announced that they’re teaming up with Google to create the Lenovo Smart Display, which has the Google Assistant built-in.

The device has a full HD touchscreen display which is surrounded by a “minimalist, modern design.”

The Smart Display can show you things like the latest weather, traffic and upcoming calendar appointments. You can even make video calls with Google Duo, watch YouTube video or listen to music.

The device is powered by the Qualcomm Home Hub Platform which is based on the Qualcomm SDA 624 Soc which has an integrated CPU, GPU and DSP along with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

There will two screen size options for the Lenovo Smart Display, a 8-inch and a 10-inch and you can use the device in either portrait or landscape.

The 8-inch Lenovo Smart Display will retail for $199 USD and the 10-inch for $249 USD and they’ll be available this summer. No word on Canadian pricing or availability yet.

The Lenovo Smart Display is one of many Smart Display devices coming this year, there will be ones from JBL and LG as well. Smart Displays are meant to be Google’s answer to the Amazon Echo Show.

Source: Lenovo

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