Samsung has announced their next generation Family Hub Refrigerator.

The fridge is able to connect to Samsung’s SmartThings platform, so you can control your smart home devices from the fridge. The new fridge also brings along Samsung’s Bixby voice control, so you can say things like “Hi Bixby, what’s new today?” and Bixby will be able to tell you the new, weather and more.

The 2018 Family Hub fridge also has a built-in AKG speaker, so you should expect richer bass and midrange sounds. The new fridge also brings along some new software updates such as Meal Planner, which can allow you to make recipes based on preferences, restrictions and when you’re food expires.

Samsung also announced that they’ll be new content from HomeAdvisor, Pinterest, Buzzfeed’s Tasty and the Weather Company.

There will be 14 different options to choose from, including four new 4D FDR models.

Samsung hasn’t announced pricing but it will be available in spring.

Source: Samsung


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