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Lenovo’s ThinkPad 2018 lineup is thinner and faster

Dell isn’t the only one refreshing their laptops, Lenovo has announced their latest ThinkPad lineup for 2018.

All of the new ThinkPad models have USB-C ports for charging.

ThinkPad X Series

The ThinkPad X Series has the latest 8th-Gen Intel Core processors, up to 16 hours of battery life and weigh only 2.5 pounds. There is two models in the X Series, the X280 which has a standard laptop form factor and the X380 Yoga which as the name implies, can bend back into different form factors.

The X380 also comes with Lenovo’s Active Pen and Windows Hello support in the camera.

The X280 starts at $999 USD and the X380 Yoga starts at $1,459 USD.

ThinkPad T Series

Just like the X Series, the T Series also comes with the 8th Gen Intel Core processors. There are three models in the T Series, the T480, the T480s and the T580.

The T Series come with Lenovo’s ThinkShutter Camera Privacy which basically covers up the webcam when you’re not using it.

The T580 can be optioned with a 4K display along with discrete graphics. All three T Series models can get up to 27 hours of battery life. The T480s weighs just 2.9 pounds.

The T480 starts at $989 USD, the T480s starts at $1,269 USD adn the T580 starts at $1,079 USD.

ThinkPad L Series

The L Series comes in a few different form factors and options including a new 13-inch model, redesigned 14 and 15-inch models. They still come with the 8th Gen Intel Core processor and can be optioned with a touchscreen.

The L580 can be optioned with discrete AMD graphics. The L380 Yoga starts at $549 USD, the L380 starts at $449 USD, the L480 starts at $779 USD and the L580 starts at $769 USD.

The L Series will be available in February.

Lenovo Tablet 10

Lenovo also announced the Tablet 10 which is a detachable powered by the Intel Celeron N Series processor. It also has a fingerprint sensor and the discrete Trusted Platform Module which can provide business-class protection.

You can get up to 9 hours of battery life on the Tablet 10, pricing hasn’t been announced.

Source: Lenovo

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