Back in May, we got our first glimpse of what Google’s new operating system, Fuchsia would look like. Now it seems Google is testing the new OS on their Pixelbook.

According to Chrome Unboxed, they were able to find documentation for developers about to how to load Fuchsia onto the Pixelbook.

To do this, you’ll need two Pixelbooks, one to host and one as a target to load the OS onto. The OS is still a work in progress but its good to see Google making some head-way with their new operating system.

Fuchsia is based on Google’s Zircon microkernel rather than Linux kernels which Android and Chrome OS are based on.

At this point, its hard to tell what Google plans to do with the new operating system or what other devices it will run on but only time will tell.

Source: Chrome Unboxed via The Verge

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