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LG shows off their 2018 speaker lineup

LG has announced their upcoming 2018 lineup of speakers including a new soundbar, portable speakers and a Google Assistant-powered speaker.

The upcoming LG Thinq Speaker is powered by the Google Assistant. So you’ll be able to ask Google things such as the weather and control your smart home devices. LG has teamed up with Google to create the speaker and it includes Meridian Audio technology, so it sounds great.

LG Thinq Speaker

LG also introduced the PK series of portable speakers which can deliver powerful sound as well as mood lighting features. The PK Series has Meridian Audio and are compatible with APT-X HD Bluetooth to stream 24-bit music over a wireless connection. There will be three models in the PK series which all include rugged design and grips.

LG PK Series

LG also announced a new soundbar with the SK10Y, it is powered by Dolby Atmos technology and Meridian audio. It can deliver up to 550W of power to 5.1.2 channels. The LG SK10Y can playback up to 40kHz and offers sound converting that can enhance standard audio files to 24bit/192Hz.

LG SK10Y soundbar

The LG SK10Y soundbar also has Chromecast built-in, so you can cast your music and podcasts to it.

LG hasn’t announced pricing or availability for any of the speakers announced but we should hear something at CES 2018, which just a few weeks away.

Source: LG

By Sachin Bahal

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