Even though HTC may have cancelled their standalone Daydream headset, Lenovo appears to be is still working on theirs.

A recent FCC filing (spotted by LetsGoDigital) for the Mirage Solo with Daydream shows that the headset has a 4,000 mAh battery and supports Bluetooth 5.0. It will also come with a Daydream controller.

The headset makes it possible to run Google’s Daydream platform, without the need for a phone. This is similar to the upcoming Oculus Go headset, which is also standalone.

Google and Lenovo announced that they were working on a standalone Daydream headset back at I/O in May and said it would be release by the end of 2017 but that seems unlikely because 2018 is less than a week away.

What’s more likely is that Lenovo and Google will officially announced and give details about it’s release at CES 2018, which is in a few weeks.

Source: LetsGoDigital via Ausdroid

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