Magic Leap, the somewhat secretive AR startup, has finally announced their first product, the Magic Leap One: Creator Edition.

The Magic Leap One is made up of three parts:

  • Lightwear: which is the main goggles that you wear and uses the company’s Digital Lightfield display technology along with integrated sensors.
  • Lightpack: which is what powers the Lightwear and Magic Leap’s spatial computing platform, high-powered processing and graphics and can be clipped to your belt or shoulder pad, which founder Rony Abovitz says, “Think about something close to like a Mac Book Pro or an Alienware PC. It’s got a powerful CPU and GPU. It’s got a drive, WiFi, all kinds of electronics, so it’s like a computer folded up onto itself.
  • Control: which is sort-of self-explanatory, it is a motion controller with six degrees of freedom and will respond to every gesture.

The company says that the Magic Leap One: Creator Edition will ship sometime in 2018, although no pricing or pre-orders were announced. You can sign-up to their newsletter to be informed when the Magic Leap One: Creator Edition actually is available.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Magic Leap is said to offer prescription lenses option for those who normally wear glasses (like myself) and two sizes which can be customized.

The company also announced the Creator Portal which gives developers open access to Magic Leap’s SDK along with documentation.

Source: Magic Leap

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