Oculus has announced that the Rift and Touch combo is now $499 CAD ($379 USD) for a limited time.

The deal is set to last until 11:59pm PT on December 20th. You can get the discounted bundle from Oculus’ website, Amazon.ca and BestBuy.ca.

Each bundle will come with one Oculus Rift headset, two Touch controllers, two sensors (but Oculus recommends getting a third for full room-scale gameplay) and some

Back at Oculus Connect in October, the company had given a permanent price drop to the Oculus Rift and Touch Bundle to $529 CAD ($399 USD) and this holiday pricing, makes it even cheaper and brings it more in line with the pricing of some of the Windows Mixed Reality headsets now on the market.

Oculus also just recently released the beta version of Rift Core 2.0 which is their new redesigned interface, which makes it more intuitive and powerful.

If you already have a Oculus Rift, the company is also having a Winter Sale on their store, where games are discounted up to 80% and there are even some bundles of popular Rift games that start at $89.99 USD.

The Winter Sale on the Oculus Store last until 10:00am PT on January 2nd 2018.

Source: Oculus

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