Nintendo has announced that they’ve sold 10 million units of their Switch console worldwide.

To put that in comparison, Nintendo only sold about 13 million units of the Wii U throughout the console’s lifespan which was from November 2012 to January 2017.

“As you can see in people’s living rooms, on a plane or riding the subway, fans all over the world can enjoy playing Nintendo Switch wherever they go,” said Nintendo of America President and COO Reggie Fils-Aime. “The response from fans has been great, and we’re doing our very best to satisfy demand during the holiday shopping season.”

Nintendo is going to keep this momentum going into 2018, with releases such as Kirby Star Allies, Bayonetta & Bayonetta 2 and a new Yoshi game.

When I reviewed the Switch earlier, this year, I said it was a great console but it was severely lacking in games but in the six month since then, there is a lot more games available for the Switch which should make your purchase worth it even more.

The Nintendo Switch is available now for $399 CAD from a number of retailers in Canada including Amazon, Best Buy and EB Games.

Source: Nintendo

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