When it comes to gaming headsets, there are only a few brands that come to mind, including Turtle Beach as well as Astro and Razer. Back at E3 2017, Turtle Beach had announced their plans to release two new headsets for Xbox One that would have Xbox Wireless built-in (which is the same way the Xbox One controllers connect to the console itself and those headsets would be the Stealth 600 and 700.

I’ve been using the Stealth 700 headset for a few weeks and it’s one of the best headsets I’ve used.

The Stealth 700 is made from plastic with a black and green design. The left ear cup of the headset is where you’ll find the flip-up mic along with the power button, Bluetooth button and Active Noise-Cancellation button. Also, on the left ear cup is the game volume and chat volume knobs and the pair button. I’m the type of gamer who doesn’t really care about chatting with other players unless I’m in a party chat with my friend.

When I’m wearing the headset and I need to adjust the volume, and I go to reach the knob, I’m almost always adjusting the chat volume knob (which is lower on the left ear cup). I wish Turtle Beach had put the game volume lower down since that’s most likely the more frequently adjusted knob.

Turtle Beach makes it a point that the Stealth 700 are glasses friendly thanks to their patented ProSpecs Glasses Relief System. I’m someone who wears glasses all the time and the Stealth 700 was very comfortable while wearing glasses. I didn’t feel the need to take off the headset because it got uncomfortable after a long gaming session. The top band cushion also helps make the headset more comfortable.

The Stealth 700 can get up to 10 hours of battery life and charges over microUSB. While the cheaper Stealth 600 can get up to 15 hours of battery life. There is also a 3.5mm headphone jack in case you want to plug-in your headset to your controller. Some of the other specs of the Stealth 700 include support for Dolby Atmos, Windows Sonic Surround Sound, Dynamic Chat Boost and Turtle Beach’s Superhuman Hearing.

While playing, the Stealth 700 sound great, you can hear a lot of details you wouldn’t normally hear with a cheaper, wired headset.

Another thing to note is that there are firmware updates for the Stealth 700 and the only way to update them is to install Turtle Beach’s app for Windows or macOS. There’s no way to update headset’s firmware via an app for Xbox One or something or even using the Turtle Beach smartphone app. This seems like it’s a missed opportunity to create an app for Xbox One to adjust the settings for the headset on your console.

Some gamers may not have access to a computer to be able to update the firmware or make other settings changes.

The Stealth 700 Xbox One headset is available now for $199 CAD ($149 USD) from a number of retailers, including BestBuy.ca, Amazon.ca, Walmart.ca and Turtle Beach’s website.

Overall, I really like the Stealth 700, they’re comfortable, they sound great and are completely wireless (no dongles required). Other than the firmware update process or the location of the volume and chat knobs, the Stealth 700 is a great Xbox Wireless Headset.


  • Sounds great
  • Nice design
  • Comfortable, especially during long gaming sessions
  • No dongle needed


  • Volume and chat knobs placement
  • Firmware update process
  • Battery life is shorter than the Stealth 600


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