Don’t you wish you could have superpowers? Netflix says their superpower is “knowing what viewers should next, especially if it’s something they’d never expect.”

Netflix has released results from a study about their subscribers’ habits and they say that one in eight viewers of Marvel TV series, were new to comic books based content before watching one of Netflix’s Marvel original series like Daredevil or Luke Cage.

“At Netflix, we know genres are just wrappers, which is why we work hard to create algorithms that help members break these pre-conceived notions and make it easier for them to find stories they’ll love, even in seemingly unlikely places,” said Todd Yellin, Vice President of Product.

It’s isn’t just limited to the Marvel Universe, Netflix found that one on in five Stranger Things fans were new to horror before watching the show (or entering the uʍop ǝpᴉsd∩). One in seven viewers of Black Mirror were new to science fiction.

Netflix has discovered a few viewership patterns along with corresponding series traits that lead to viewers starting their first “superhero binge”. Below you can see an infographic showing which type of shows will lead to viewers watching some of Netflix’s Marvel series.

Source: Netflix

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