Amazon has quietly announced a new delivery system that they’re calling The Hub.

Basically there a set of lockers that can be installed in apartment buildings, but with the added benefit of being about to pick up your package at any time. The lockers are unlocked, when you punch in a code to the system’s touchscreen and the corresponding locker door will open and you’ll get your package.

Amazon says The Hub is not just to receive Amazon packages but “you can pick up any package, from any sender, any retailer, at any time,” says the company’s promotional video.

This system isn’t anything new, Amazon has been running a service called Amazon Lockers in the US, which have the same type of lockers but are located in public places and retailers. And there are plenty of other companies that offer that same system, even in Canada, such as Penguin Pick-up.

If you’re a landlord within the US, you can visit Amazon’s website and submit an application to get Hub locker system in a building you manage. They’re available in a few sizes with the smallest being 6ft wide and four colours.

Source: The Hub via TechCrunch


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