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Sony PlayStation E3 Experience 2017: Everything you need to know

Sony made a couple of announcements at their E3 2017 press conference including Skyrim for PSVR, SpiderMan, God of War and more.

Knack 2

A follow-up to the PlayStation 4 launch title is coming on September 5th. It’s headed by lead system architect Mark Cerny and SIE Japan Studio.

The new game will offer a ton of new platforming and combat options, which are more complex than the ones found in the first Knack.

Hidden Agenda

Hidden Agenda is a new project from Supermassive Games, the ones behind Until Dawn. Hidden Agenda focuses on the hunt for a serial killer by the name of The Trapper, and players will be able to make choices collaboratively by voting using their phones with Sony’s PlayLink technology.

The PlayLink technology allows players to use their Android or iOS device to control what’s happening on screen.

Hidden Agenda is scheduled to be released exclusively on PS4, later this year.


Matterfall is a new project from the developers of Resogun. The game is a side-scrolling platformer that has a unique visual element, just like Resogun did.

Players will be able to leap & slide through levels and fight against enemies using “matter-infused weapons.” Matterfall is launching on August 15th.

Superhot VR for PSVR

Sony has announced that Superhot VR will be coming to PlayStation VR, later this summer. Players can expect the same experience to what Oculus Rift and HTC Vive players.


Undertale is an RPG that offers players the choice to fight or spare their enemies in turn-based battles, making friends or killing dozens of enemies in a monster-filled underworld.

The game is coming to PS4 and Vita but no release date was announced. However, there will be a collector’s edition that includes an art booklet, the game’s soundtrack and a locket that plays the game’s theme song.

Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom

Sony announced that Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom would be coming to PlayStation 4 and PC on November 10th. The game follows a young king named Evan, who was booted from the throne by his people because he was “too nice for the job.” He is then joined by a middle-aged leader from the real world as he goes on a quest to find himself to become a better leader.

Shadow of Colossus

Sony announced their remaking Shadow of Colossus for PlayStation 4. The remastered version is scheduled to be released in 2018.

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds

Sony has announced a new piece of DLC for Horizon Zero Dawn, called The Frozen Wilds. It takes place in a new snowy region with the game’s signature robot dinosaurs.

Players will control Aloy, the main character from the base game and Sony hasn’t said whether this new DLC take place during or after the events of the main game. The DLC will be story-driven and come with new weapons, enemies, and type of armor.

The Frozen Wilds will be coming later this year.

Tropico 6

A new entry in the “dictator simulator” series is coming in 2018. The new game will let player add bridges, wind farms, and other power generation options.

Tropico 6 is coming to PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One.

Gran Turismo Sport

Sony has announced a release window for the latest entry in their racing series, Gran Turismo Sport. The game will be launching this fall and will run be able to run at 4K at 60fps on PS4 Pro.

There will also be support for PlayStation VR.

The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim on PlayStation VR

Sony and Bethesda announced that a VR version of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim would be coming to PlayStation VR in November.

Skyrim VR has completely reimagined the game with VR in mind and all three expansions for Skyrim will be compatible.


Moss is a new virtual reality game for PlayStation VR. It is about a small mouse as he explores the wilderness with the help of some spirit guides and solves complex puzzles.

Sony hasn’t announced a release date for Moss.

Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World is the latest entry int the Monster Hunter series and its coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC (to launch after the console versions) in 2018.

Days Gone

Days Gone is an open-world action game that Sony announced at E3 2016. You play as Deacon St. John, a motorcycle club officer, as he tries to survive the zombie apocalypse in the Pacific Northwest.

The game will have a day/night cycle which can make it more difficult, by making enemies stronger at night and weaker during the day. Sony hasn’t announced a release date for Days Gone.

God of War

A new God of War game is headed to the PS4. The game’s story focuses on the relationship between Kratos and his son.

The game is scheduled to release in early 2018.

Detroit: Become Human

Detroit: Become Human is from the developers of Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls, Quantic Dream. The game is a PlayStation 4 exclusive that focuses on humans with cybernetic implants (also called androids) as they interact with and investigate a futuristic version of Detroit, in a number of ways.

You play as Marcus, who has the intent of freeing all cybernetic humans to follow his cause to help start a revolution. Players will able to make different choices in the game that can have benefits and consequences and affect the story.

Sony didn’t announce a release date for Detroit: Become Human.

Spider-Man (PS4)

Sony also showed off some new gameplay of the upcoming Spider-Man game, which is being developed by Insomniac Games (the ones behind Sunset Overdrive, Rachet & Clank). The game is scheduled to be released in 2018, exclusively on PS4.

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