After what seemed like an eternity, Android Pay has finally made its way to Canada.

Starting today, Google is rolling out Android Pay in Canada and here’s the a list of supported banks and card.

Support for Interac debit cards will start rolling out on June 5th. Interac debit cards on Android Pay will be available on active debit cards that are issued by BMO, CIBC, Desjardins and Scotiabank.

Two banks that are noticeably absent from the list above, are TD Canada Trust and RBC, both have said that they have “no plans to support Android Pay at this time.” Which frankly is disappointing an a bit anti-consumer. I realize they want to support their own mobile app payment system but why can’t they play nice with Google, they’re not losing anything (other than customers because of their lack of support) if they support Android Pay. What’s more frustrating is that both TD Canada Trust and RBC support Apple Pay.

To start using Android Pay, first install the app from the Play Store. Android Pay works on all Android devices running 4.4 KitKat and later and are NFC-enabled. Once the app is installed, just open the app and you’ll be prompted to add a card or if it’s already tied to your Google account, you can choose which card you want as your primary card.

You can use Android Pay at any payment terminal that supports contactless payments (i.e tap to pay). Google says that all you need to do is wake up your phone, then hold your device near the terminal (your phone doesn’t have to open the Android Pay app or unlock your device).

Here’s all the places that you’ll be able to use Android Pay at.

And these are all the Android apps that have support for Android Pay.

Source: Google Canada

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