It’s almost been a year since Microsoft first acquired Beam, a company all about livestreaming and competitors to Twitch, back in August 2016. Then Beam streaming was integrated into the Windows 10 Creators Update to easily stream games to the platform.

Now Microsoft has rebranded Beam as Mixer (its rumored that Beam was having legal issues with bringing their service worldwide).

Along with the new name change, the Mixer team will be adding several new features to the platform. The Mixer brand is meant to emphasize the community aspects of the service across Xbox Live and Windows 10.

One of the new features is that you’ll be able to “mix” your stream with up to three friends with a feature called Co-Streaming. You and your friends’ streams will show up in a split-screen view on a single Mixer page with a centralized chat experience. Co-Streaming is available now and in the coming weeks, Xbox One players will be able to invite their friends directly from the Guide.

Channel One is an always-on, moderated channel of content to let users see what’s going on across Mixer. You’ll see things like big title releases, events, tips and tricks, esports and more.

The Mixer Page on the Xbox One Dashboard will show some of the most unique, popular and engaging streams that are being broadcasted on Mixer, which are curated by a dedicated team at Mixer. Right now, the Mixer Page is available to Xbox Insiders.

Mixer Create is a new mobile app that will allow users to create self-broadcasts and soon you’ll be able to livestream gameplay on your mobile device. When mobile gameplay streaming launches, you’ll be able to co-stream with you friends who are streaming on their PC, console or other mobile device. The Mixer Create Beta starts today on Android and iOS.

Mixer co-founder, Matt Salsamendi says that their service is unique because it’s “actually LIVE, compared to the 10 – 20 second latency you typically get on other platforms.” With Mixer livestreams, viewers can actually interactive with the streamer’s game, everything from quest selections to tools to movements. This creates a new kind of gaming experience.

The Xbox E3 2017 briefing will be broadcasted in 4K UHD on Mixer via a special edition Mixer 4K broadcast for those who have a 4K setup. There will also be digital bonuses who watch the briefing on Mixer and are signed in.

Mixer is also launching the Mixer NYC Studio, which is located in the flagship Microsoft Store in New York City. The Mixer NYC Studio is a digital production studio that was made for live audience, competitive and community gaming events. It features state of the art equipment.

The studio is located on the 5th floor of the store and also has professional-grade gaming stations and a control room that supports 2D and 3D graphic effects, a digital audio system, concert sound quality, full interactive lighting control, an LED video wall and much more.

Check out for more.

Right now, Mixer is celebrating the launch of Mixer with a livestream that is going on right now. You can join the livestream at

Source: Xbox Wire


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