Yahoo Finance has got a couple of photos that reportedly show Fitbit’s next smartwatch, as well as the company’s first pair of Bluetooth earbuds.

The two new Fitbit devices are planned to be released in the fall, after a series of production issues, according to a report by Yahoo in April, for around $300 USD. The device was set to launch this spring, but there were reportedly issues with the GPS.

Fitbit’s upcoming smartwatch shares a similar design to last year’s Blaze smartwatch, with a aluminum unibody design and the ability to swap bands. The new watch, codenamed, “Higgs”,  has GPS, built-in storage, a heart-rate monitor.

Fitbit’s “Higgs” smartwatch in a gold colour option.

There will also be support contactless payments (via Fitbit’s acquisition of wearable payment technology by Coin), four days of battery life. The colour display on the leaked smartwatch is 1000 nits, which is similar to the Apple Watch Series 2 and be fully waterproof.

As for the Bluetooth earbuds, which are codenamed “Parkside”, will launch alongside the smartwatch and have a similar design to Apple’s Beats X earbuds. It will come in two colours, “Nightfall Blue” and “Lunar Gray” and will go for $150 USD.

Fitbit’s “Parkside” earbuds in Nightfall Blue.

It’s clear that Fitbit is trying to go after the Apple Watch with their upcoming smartwatch but to be honest, this leaked watch isn’t the best looking device. It is a bit better looking that last year’s Fitbit Blaze but not by much.

Source: Yahoo Finance via TechCrunch

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