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Vizio’s new wireless soundbar has Chromecast built-in and Google Assistant compatbility

Vizio has been known to make some affordable sound equipment and their new 2017 collection, includes a new soundbar with Chromecast built-in as well as Google Assistant compatibility.

The new Vizio SmartCast 36″ 5.1 Wireless Sound Bar system includes a wireless subwoofer, two satellite speakers and of course the soundbar itself. The system has Chromecast built-in, which means that you can cast your favourite audio app with the press of a button. Some of the apps and services that are compatible include Google Play Music, Spotify, iHeartRadio and Pocket Casts on both Android and iOS.

The system also has Bluetooth built-in if all else fails. The new system also has support for  the Google Assistant, which means you can as the Assistant on Google Home or a Google Pixel and ask the Assistant to cast audio onto the new speaker system.

The 36″ 5.1 Wireless Sound Bar System is available today in the US for $249 USD, a 36″ 3.0 version of the system is available for $149 USD.

VIZIO Expands Crave Audio Collection With Addition of VIZIO SmartCast Crave Go Multi-Room Wireless Speaker (PRNewsfoto/VIZIO, Inc.)

Vizio also announced a new multi-room wireless speaker called the SmartCast Crave Go, which also has Chromecast built-in. The Crave Go speaker has the rechargeable battery that can last up to six hours. And if you purchase more than one of the Crave Go speakers, you can have all the speakers play the same song in unison or play different songs in different rooms (think of this as Vizio’s version of a Sonos speaker system).

The Vizio SmartCast Crave Go speaker is available now in the US for $199 USD. As of right now, it’s unclear if these new speakers will be coming to Canada.

Source: Vizio, (2) via 9to5Google

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