It’s that time of year again, April Fools Day. A day to relax but also to be somewhat skeptical about what you see on the internet.

This was everyone on the internet today.

It also would have been a good day to go hide under a rock for a few hours until all the April Fools jokes blow-over or at least until April 2nd.

Below, you’ll find a roundup of some of the fake products and pranks that tech companies have pulled this year. And Google is the king of April Fools Day jokes, people thought that Gmail was a joke, partly because Google launched it on April 1st 2004.

This post will be updated through the day as more jokes/pranks are released/announced. 

Google Gnome

Have you ever thought, Google Home is great but I wish it would work well outside, well good news everyone! Google has announced Google Gnome, an version of their Home device but for outside.

You can ask it questions about the weather, control your lawnmower and tools or even dress up your Google Gnome.

If you want to buy a Google Gnome, unfortunately you’re out of luck but at least Google made a page on the Google Store for Gnome.

Ms. Pac-Man in Google Maps

You’ve played Pac-Man in Google Maps, but now is your chance to play as Ms. Pac-Man. You’ll be able to play via the Google Maps site via an option to change the style of the map.

On the mobile app, you’ll see a Ms. Pac-Man button.

Google Bubble Wrap Keyboard

Google Japan’s April Fools pranks each year are the most out there and this year, it’s a bubble wrap keyboard. Each popped bubble on a bubble wrap sheet are used to form words and then they’re put into a reader that will send the message.

There’s even scented bubble wrap sheets.

Google Assistant

Well, not so much of a prank, but more of a easter egg. The Assistant can offer you some advice about how not to get pranked.

Google Wind

Google Netherlands is getting into the mix of Google pranks with Google Wind. It works by using machine learning to control the weather using their infamous windmills.

Google Haptic Helpers

Google’s Haptic Helpers are meant to help you create a more realistic virtual reality experience.

Google data center on Mars

Google has announced that they’ve built the first interplanetary data center named, Ziggy Stardust. The data center is in the Gale Crater on Mars and it keeps a cache of data from Earth, in the event of bad happening (like the Earth blowing up or something).

Google says their Mars data center should be finished by 2018 and you read more about it on the Google Cloud Platform blog, as well as take a tour of the data center with Street View.

Mobile accessories for Chromebooks

Google has announced a new lineup of mobile accessories for Chromebooks including a Groupie Stick, Chromebook Cardboard and a Workout Armband. You can find out more about the new accessories on the Google Blog.

I’m Feeling Woof/I’m Feeling Meow

Google has added a new setting to their iOS app, which can be accessed using 3D Touch on the app icon.

Or you can head to the settings and selecting I’m Feeling Woof or I’m Feeling Meow to let your dogs and cats get into on the topics that matter most to them.

More information about the new feature can be found on Google’s blog post.

Waze for Mars

Waze has joined in on the fun and they’re bringing their platform to Mars. The company will also be sending a few members of the Waze community to the red planet, more info can be found on their blog.

Houston, we have red planet up ahead.

Roku SnackSuggest

Have you ever wanted to what food would go well with your binging on your favourite show? Well look no further than Roku SnackSuggest feature. This new feature will tell you the perfect snack pairing to along any TV show or movie, like mutton & chicken wings to go alongside Game of Thrones or a beet smoothie and finger foods while watching Santa Clarita Diet.

And if you’re on a diet or have an allergy, don’t worry Roku has got you covered from everything from Paleo and Vegan diets to Gluten allergies.

Roku has done some research behind the snack behaviour of its users and have revealed the following:

  • The average time paused for a snack run to the kitchen is 27.53 seconds
  • The frequency of snack runs surges after exactly 3.785 episodes of a TV show
  • The average streamer snacks on at least 3 types of snacks during a single streaming session
  • Spicy treats are preferred for dramas while sweet goodies are preferred for sitcoms
  • A streamer will ask someone watching a show with them if they are hungry 12.2 times during a binge marathon

Amazon Petlexa

Alexa is a great voice assistant but it’s only good for humans. What if there was a Alexa, specifically for your pets. That’s where Petlexa comes in.

Snapchat Instagram Filter

As a knock towards Facebook copying Snapchat’s features with the introduction of Stories in Instagram, Snapchat has copied Instagram by adding a filter that make Snapchat look like Instagram.

Netflix Live

It’s no surprise that Netflix has upped their original content with such shows as Bojack Horseman, House of Cards or Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. For April Fools, Netflix has added Netflix Live which features Will Arnett commenting on everyday and ordinary tasks like making toast or doing a crossword.

You can watch the whole thing here (you must be subscribed to Netflix to watch).

T-Mobile ONEsie

T-Mobile is offering a onesie that provides “full-body coverage” and has a built-in 4G LTE hotspot, so you can be a “Human HotSpot.” T-Mobile is actually selling these for $40 USD but it won’t have any features than being comfy to wear.

Contour by SlickWraps

Have you ever bought one of those skins for your phone or laptop and found it too much work? Well, SlickWraps has a solution for you with their Contour device which will spray on their skins. Check it out on SlickWraps site.

OnePlus Dash energy drink

OnePlus, the company behind the “flagship killer” is now making an energy drink, so you can “Dash Charge Your Life”.

Lyft Mono

Lyft has announced Lyft Mono which is a wearable glove which will help you hail a Lyft ride. Once you put on the glove, all you have to do is head to the side of the road and then stick out your thumb and the glove will hail a ride for you. Find out more about Lyft Mono on their site.

Nvidia GTA G-Assist

Nvidia has created a flash drive that can take over your game session when you get interrupted in real life. You can find out more about G-Assist here.

Samsung Exynos Yoga Processor

Samsung has announced the first flexible mobile processor with the Exynos Yoga Processor.


Reddit, the internet’s front page, is always known to pull a April Fools jokes each year. This year, it’s called Place and it’s a large white pixel grid where each Redditor can put a coloured pixel on, every five minutes.


Duolingo is now offering a Emoji course, where you can learn and practice your Emoji vocabulary.

iFixit Micro Tech Toolkit

With more and more devices becoming smaller and thinner, you’ll need some way to fix your devices. iFixit has come up with a repair solution with their Micro Tech Toolkit which is available for $19.95 USD (but as of writing this post, it’s sold out).

Hulu Hu

Hulu has come with Hu, TV abbreviated. It features of whole catalog full of shows that have been edited down to eight seconds. You will need an account to watch them, (FYI: Hulu is only available in the US).


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