After a 3 month iOS exclusivity, Nintendo has announced that Super Mario Run is now will be releasing on Android on March 23rd.

The Android version of the game will be similar to its iOS counterpart, meaning that it will be free to download and play the first few levels but if you want to access the rest of the worlds, you’ll have to purchase the $13.99 CAD ($10 USD) one-time in-app purchase.

Another thing to note, is that just like the iOS version, the Android version does require an internet connection for it to work, it will not work offline.

Super Mario Run is technically considered as an auto-runner, where players will see Mario run across the levels with the players tapping the screen to make him jump to help avoid obstacles or enemies. The game is 2D with 3D backgrounds and Mario fans should feel right at home.

Some of the other game modes include, a level editor called Kingdom Builder and Toad Rally which is a leaderboard style multiplayer mode. For those interested in playing Super Mario Run, you can pre-register for the game on the Play Store.

Update – March 22nd 2017: The game is live in the Play Store and Android Police’s sister site, APKMirror has the APK uploaded, you can find that here.

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