Over the next few weeks, Netflix will be rolling out a new ratings feature that gives user the ability to tell Netflix what titles they liked or didn’t like with a simple thumbs up or thumbs down.

This new system will help give users more control of what titles are recommended to them to make it more personal. Netflix’s star ratings have been around since the early days of Netflix when they were just mailing out DVDs.

Credit: Janko Roettgers (Variety)

The star ratings were introduced to help get feedback from Netflix users and provide better recommendations. Netflix says that the star ratings were meant to represent compatibility and not necessarily quality, which means that 4-5 stars indicated that based on titles you previously watched and help give Netflix an idea of if you’d like a specific title or not.

Credit: Janko Roettgers (Variety)

The new ratings feature will let users quickly and easily tell Netflix what titles they enjoyed and what they don’t want to see again. Also, Netflix will be adding a percentage match score to titles, this score will be based on individual user’s unique viewing patterns and habits.

Here’s a short video of how the new ratings feature will work.

Netflix says it’s personalized for each user. The percentage match will help indicate to users find more content of what they’ll love.

The new ratings feature will be available globally on Netflix.com, smartphone and tablet apps and set-top boxes and smart TV apps and game consoles.



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